Drop It Like Its Hot Commercial

You may have seen part of its new marketing efforts in a funny, new commercial that uses Snoop Dogg’s 2004 hit song "Drop It Like It’s Hot," which seems to have also become the company’s new slogan. The girl dancing in the commercial is certainly dropping it–though I can’t say that it’s hot. But that’s the intent and is what makes it funny.

Not surprisingly, commercial growers in the state prefer the latter over. The tree doesn’t tolerate flooding or drought and will drop its fruit when the water supply fluctuates between extremes. It.

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 · bad commercial, good product. I don’t drink very much soda, but sun drop is one of my favorites. There’s a sun drop bottling plant near our city & you can get the sugar (not hfcs) version (like the mexican version of coca cola) at the plant. It’s pretty freaking good..

Ballooning Property Taxes Cripple NYC Businesses As Rents Drop. because of how hot the retail market is on the Bedford Avenue thoroughfare.. "If it was just the rent, then we would probably be like, 'OK, maybe when.. The city also overhauled the commercial rent tax in 2017 to decrease its strain on.

SUN DROP commercial (drop it like its hot!). 64,490 likes 14 talking about this. Community. not commercial ones. "It’s quite possible that after a while you just realize it’s not worth the cost of tooling up to take it and you decide to drop it if the publicity has run its course," said..

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