Define Sallie Mae

Sallie Mae definition: A nickname for the student loan marketing association (slma), which buys student loans from lenders such as colleges or financial institutions. As a "tri-sector" leader, her background includes a corporate career at Sallie Mae and UBS, C-suite level non-profit.

Sallie Mae stockholders would receive $60 in cash per share, and the transaction was set to be consummated following a 30-day debt marketing period. Section 1.01(a) of the merger agreement contains.

4 Non-Conforming Mortgage Definition; Fannie Mae, the commonly used nickname for the Federal National Mortgage Association, is a government-sponsored enterprise, or GSE, with the mission of.

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Sallie Mae synonyms, sallie mae pronunciation, sallie mae translation, English dictionary definition of Sallie Mae. n. a government-chartered private corporation that makes available low-cost student loans by purchasing loans from lending institutions.

Sallie Mae is a large organization with many subsidiaries. SLM Corporation is the formal name of the parent entity that oversees nearly all of Sallie Mae’s divisions and functions. Sallie Mae, Inc. is a subsidiary entity that manages most of SLM’s administrative functions, such as finance, marketing and legal responsibilities.

A privately-owned corporation that provides student loans for undergraduate and graduate students and their families. Originally founded as a government-sponsored entity (GSE), Sallie Mae became a private company in 2004. You Also Might Like. – Online Investing Glossary. Sallie Mae. Definition

And, like Navient, Sallie Mae Sallie Mae has begun to securitize private student loans that it originates, owns and services. The first such trust, SMB Private Education Loan Trust 2015-A, was announced in April 2015 to hold $753 million worth of the company’s Smart Option Student Loans.

sallie definition: Proper noun 1. A diminutive of the female given name Sarah. Origin A less common spelling of Sally..

Sallie Mae in Finance. (Finance: General) Sallie is a publicly traded company that provides and trades in student loans . Sallie Mae, the largest student loan provider, has just announced that it will charge fees for loan applications. Sallie Mae, America’s leading provider of education loans, owns or manages approximately $100 billion in student.